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    Every day we bring hope to millions of children in the world's.
  • Diya Foundation NGO
    For Their Better Future
    We care for your child properly !
  • Diya Foundation NGO
    For Their Better Future

Welcome to Diya Foundation

We help Poor children to get their life better.

Diya Foundation is dedicated to improving the life of neglected children and remote communities in India. We are associated with different activities like Medical treatment, Education, Protecting children from hazardious labour exploitation, Participate and help in making the world a better place to live, Motivating the youth in remote communities to earn their livelihood. Diya Foundation depends on corporate funds, philanthropic donors, volunteers and well-wishers for managing such massive operation. The various operations include the technological innovations, quality standards, Operation Management, Back Office Operations and volunteers.

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Our Mission

To drive social change by fostering an environment where young adults and children learn, lead, and thrive


To help build a more influential, equal and socially conscious society.


Diya Foundation believes that the culture of our organisation is built over the years, because of the deep rooted value system that we believe in.

How You Can Help Us

Just call at +91 7290050257 to make a donation

Our Projects

Rohini Sector-25

We have organized a event on 11th of july, 2020 at Rohini sector – 25. Where we have provided food, water, fruits, mask , etc to slum children, street children as well as to the poor families under the guidelines of COVID-19 epidemic.


We have organized a event on 25th of july, 2020 at MILAN VIHAR, BURARI. Where we have provided essentials food items like Flour, Sugar, Brown, black gram, Rice, Mask, etc.

F-G Block Mangolpuri

At this time hundreds of poor families workers are 'walking back' into their homes due to lock-down, where we have decided to providing food to them in this epidemic situation.

Rithala Metro Station Locality

There are around 795 million hungry people in the world today. Every year, 3.1 million children under the age of five die due to poor nutrition globally. Todays people also suffering from Chronic Hunger.

Deepali Chowk

This Ganesh Chaturthi DIYA FOUNDATION try to do something for the poor people where we have provide food to them at Kali Mata Mandir, Deepali Chowk.

Diya Roti Bank

In a country where millions of people go hungry every day, Diya Foundation has come up with an initiative to feed the needy.


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What We Are Doing?

Pure Water For Poor

Donation orphan child

Help The Helpless

Donation for poor

Shelter Poor Child

Save The children

Child Education Programmers

Time may wait for you and me, but not for our children. Therefore, right education
with right opportunities at the right time is the focus of this project.
We don’t let any child easily drop out.

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